Stop treating periods like a dirty secret; teach Menstrual Wellbeing

Campaign win! Thanks to your support, in February 2019 the Government announced that menstrual wellbeing will be included in the school curriculum for all primary and secondary schools in England. This means that all pupils – regardless of their gender – will be taught the facts about menstrual wellbeing. This long overdue change is a huge win, and will not only help overcome the taboo and embarrassment about periods, but also equip young girls with the knowledge and confidence to seek help if something isn’t right.   

We would not have achieved this campaign without you. From signing our online petition to lobbying your MP, this huge change is down to your hard work. 

But this is just for England, and we want this to be UK wide. The Welsh Assembly are currently reviewing their school curriculum and are our next target for campaigning. To get involved in this campaign:

- Sign the petition and share it with your friends and family
- Send a letter to your Assembly Member asking them to back the campaign
-Join in with our social media campaign #whatiwishilearned. Simply: Take a selfie, post on social media, share in the caption what you wish you had learned about menstrual health at school, and use the hashtag #whatiwishilearned and #menstrualwellbeing4wales.