Campaigning in Wales

Endometriosis UK campaigns to raise awareness and drive change for the 1 in 10 women and those assigned female at birth living with endometriosis in Wales. We do this by working with local and national Government, healthcare professionals, people with endometriosis and their support networks, employers, the public, and the media. 

Join our campaign for menstrual wellbeing education in Wales

Compulsory menstrual wellbeing is now on the curriculum in England – but Wales is currently being left behind. Without committing to mandatory menstrual wellbeing education in schools, the next generation of young people in Wales will continue to suffer from menstrual health conditions in silence, without the knowledge or the confidence to seek help if something isn’t right. It will also mean that taboos around menstruation will continue.

Let’s end the taboo. Let’s equip young people with the knowledge they need to seek help. Let’s teach menstrual wellbeing in schools across Wales.

Since launching a petition in 2019, the Welsh Government has continously rejected calls to make menstrual wellbeing education mandatory in all schools. But we haven't given up. We have have continued to stand up and raise your voices to continue to campaign for this change. Young people deserve better, and young women and those who menstruate are being left to suffer in silence without knowing that what they are experiencing isn’t normal. We hear everyday from people with endometriosis that had they known what was normal from a young age; they would have sought help sooner. Education must start in schools and the Welsh Government must act to turn this decision around.

A member of the Senedd, Suzy Davies MS, has brought forward an Amendment which will be voted on this March, and we need a majority of those in the Welsh Government to vote for this in order for menstrual wellbeing to be made mandatory in all schools. If you live in Wales, please write to your Member of the Sened. If you don’t live in Wales, you can still stand with us and say this isn’t good enough for young people in Wales.

Read more about the campaign via BBC News and Wales online

Get Involved By:

- Writing to the Children, Young people and Education Committee and tell them why you think menstrual wellbeing education should be compulsory for all pupils.
- Tweeting the Children, Young People and Education Committee at @SeneddCYPE and ask them for menstrual wellbeing education to be compulsory in all schools in Wales
- Write to your Member of the Senedd and ask them to support the Amendment on 2nd March.

Our menstrual wellbeing campaign has been led by Endometriosis UK and the Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales - with support from several other organisations including the Royal College of GPs, the Royal College of Obsetricians and Gynaecologists, and Plan International. A huge thank you to all the organisations who have pledged their support.