Endometriosis UK Helpline

Our Helpline is operated by trained volunteers who have a personal experience of endometriosis. They are not able to give medical advice but can talk through your issues and consider options to overcome them, or just provide a friendly listening ear.

Helpline Number - 0808 808 2227

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, have questions about treatment options or would just like someone to talk to, you call our free confidential endometriosis Helpline on 0808 808 2227

Helpline Opening times

Our Helpline is staffed by our volunteers who give their time for free. As a result, the days and times of the Helpline opening hours are varied due to their availability.

Tuesday 24th April 19:00-21:00
Wednesday  25th April Closed
Thursday 26th April 14:00-16:00
Friday 27th April 11:00-12:30
Saturday  28th April 11:00-12:30
Sunday  29th April



Monday  30th April 19:00-20:30
Tuesday  1st May


Wednesday 2nd May 11:00-13:00
Thursday 3rd May 14:00-16:00
Friday 4th May 13:00-15:00
Saturday 5th May Closed
Sunday 6th May 10:00-12:00


Looking for medical advice?



Please be aware that our helpline team are unable to provide medical advice and can only talk about endometriosis based on their own experience. If you need medical advice, please contact your GP or endometriosis specialist.