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My Story:

Hi there! 

My name is Shaunee and I am the Endometriosis UK Aberdeen support group leader. I'm 23, orginally from Shetland and I work as a midwife in Aberdeen. When I'm not busy catching babies or organising things for the group, I enjoy walking my dachshund pup in the local park, keeping active and catching up with friends. 

I was first diagnosed with endometriosis in 2018. My periods had always been very heavy and painful, however I was started on the pill as a teenager and this seemed to keep them at bay for a while. After trying every contraceptive under the sun to fend off my periods, I finally found relief and everything settled down for a few years. However, I started to experience unexplained abdominal pain around christmas of 2017. Gradually it got worse and I knew something wasn't right. After A LOT of back and forth with my GP and 2am trips to accident and emergency...i was finally seen by gynae and the word, 'endometriosis' was first mentioned. In September 2018, I had a diagnostic lap - endometriosis was found and I cried with relief in recovery..."it's not all in my head!"

However, I was filled with questions, fears and concerns - even as a midwife, I had no knowledge of endometriosis. I started to look into local support and found there was nothing was available in my city...this then lead to the formation of the Endometriosis UK Aberdeen support group! I'm incredibly proud of our little group (even though we seem to be growing arms and legs every meeting!) and I hope it provides those effected by endometriosis with the support and understanding I feel I would have benefitted from during my diagnosis. 

My advice to anyone facing a diagnosis of endometriosis is, trust your body - you know it better than anyone else! Also, find a good support circle...these will be the people you can call on to bring you peppermint tea after a lap and take you to A&E at 3am. Finally, take care of yourself - self care is important. 

Thanks for reading!


About the support group:

Hi there, welcome to Endometriosis UK's Aberdeen Support Group!

My motivation for starting a support group within Aberdeen is to provide others with the support I feel I lacked during my diagnosis. I first heard my GP mention the word 'endometriosis' in March 2018 and I was then later diagnosed with endometriosis in September 2018. During this time I had lots of questions, feeling and emotions and sadly found there were no local support groups in my area. I feel I would have benefited from a support group at this time as it would have allowed me a safe space to talk openly about life with endometriosis, around people who could understand and relate to my experiences. My hope is to create a safe, supportive and weloming enviroment for those effected by endometriosis. 

We are a new group and so building our community. I hope to hold meetings every 6 weeks and social meet ups once every 8 weeks. In the future I hope to have guest speakers at these meetings to disuccs topics relating to endometriosis. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any suggestions of things you would like us to discuss or speakers you would like to see at our support groups.

General Session Information:

Welcome to all those with a suspected/confirmed diagnosis of endometriosis (partners/supporters only welcome on specified dates).

A safe and welcoming environment for those who wish to seek support on life with endometriosis. Meetings are lead by Shaunee - an individual affected by endometriosis who has completed voluntary training with Endometriosis UK.

Date/time/location of each meeting (every 6 weeks) shall be posted on the Endometriosis UK website and also on the Endometriosis Aberdeen facebook page.