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My Story:

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in January 2014, following a relatively short diagnosis of 6 months. However, my first surgery revealed that I had extensive presence of the disease and I have had another three surgeries since. I found endometriosis very isolating until I found the Endometriosis UK website. I started volunteering at different events and this led me to attend the London group, which has given me great support and allowed me to form some amazing friendships. This inspired me to undertake group leader training so that I can support other women living with endometriosis. 


My Story:

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in December 2015 following emergency surgery for a suspected ovarian abscess, (once appendicitis was ruled out). However I had unknowingly experienced symptoms for years and had just thought they were normal. Initially I was in denial about the diagnosis and did not want to know anything more about the condition, thinking that it had all been removed, but 6 months later all of my symptoms returned and I required further surgery, this time for bilateral endometriomas and endo of the Pouch of Douglas. At this time I was struggling with fertility and felt quite isolated. I then found Endometriosis UK and started researching and looking for local support groups. I found that at that time there were none, so started to attend the Central London Support group, this is where I met Sarah, decided to complete my Endometriosis Volunteer training and the South Essex Support group was born! I have since been diagnosed with Stage 4 endometriosis affecting my bowel.


My Story:

I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 23 after an an acute episode and an ectopic pregnancy had been ruled out. I had been suffering with severe pain and heavy menstrual bleeding since my first period but thought this was just normal. For many years after I managed to control my pain and bleeding with the pill and painkillers. I still had many other symptoms, that I had not connected with endometriosis.  I was lucky to fall pregnant, but  after my son turned 1, all my symptoms  came back and a few extra on top. This was the time I felt most isolated, after struggling to get support through my GPs I found Endometriosis UK and the local support group. The support and knowledge I received was invaluable over the next year. Although I am still having further investigations, it has completely changed my approach to managing my endometriosis. In September 2018  I attended training to become a co- leader . I have met so many people already through Endometriosis UK already and hope to support more women living with endometriosis .


About the support group:

The aim of the group is to provide a relaxed environment for women to access support and information, and meet other women in a similar situation. The group holds meetings regularly and cover a variety of topics, including talks from guest speakers. 

Partners, friends or family members are welcome to come along. 

We look forward to meeting you soon! 




General Session Information:

Our meetings are informal and friends and family are always welcome. We try to provide tea and coffee, and sometimes even biscuits!