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My Story:

I was diagnosed with endometriosis after 3 years of battling to be taken seriously. I have had highs and lows during my illness but have now come out the other side and will not let this awful disease defeat me. I wanted to be a support group leader so that other women feel they are not alone and to help them fight through the lows and celebrate the highs


My Story:

I am currently a masters student at uni studying Health Sciences. I plan to go on to do a research PhD specializing in endometriosis. I am very lucky have a 9 year old son. I first had symptoms when I was 11 and first got my period, at this age I was put on the mini pill and told that pain and heavy bleeding was normal in our family, so I just got on with it. That was until after I had my son and had to give up work as a chef due to constant fatigue and pain. After 4 more years of every test and scan I finally got referred to the gynaecologist, had a lap and was diagnosed. I have now had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy due to pain. This story is far too common in women this is why I am planning to study hard and complete my research in this field to help other women.  

About the support group:

The group will be for endometriosis patients as well as those who support them. The groups will allow a place for people to share their experiences throughout their endometriosis journey and, from time to time, we will invite specialist speakers on topics of interest to group leaders.

You are not alone so please don’t suffer in silence. I hope to see you all soon.