Beyond the Invisible - Standard Life exhibition

Thursday, March 21, 2019

A first of it's kind - Standard Life are proudly presenting an exclusive event to discover the real life stories of women living with endometriosis.

Endometriosis UK is delighted to have partnered with life savings company Standard Life to highlight the needs of people living with endometriosis and raise awareness of the challenges associated with the disease. The partnership aims to reduce the stigma that can often exist when it comes to discussing particular unseen health concerns at work by bringing the conversation into the mainstream. This is a two-year partnership that we hope will inspire other employers to follow suit and also share their support for employees that may be suffering from invisible illnesses such as endometriosis.

As part of the partnership, we are incredibly proud to be part of an exhibition, a collaboration between Standard Life and internationally-renowned portrait photographer Rankin – Beyond the Invisible - which shines a light on endometriosis and explores the lives of those suffering from the disease. The series of videos and photographs features intimate portraits of fifteen women and men who have a relationship with this invisible illness in the hope of making it ‘visible’ to the public. Rankin’s subjects for the exhibition include endometriosis sufferers from all walks of life, including TV presenter Julia Bradbury and BBC 5Live presenter Emma Barnett, as well as professionals who support sufferers through their work.

The exhibition will run in London from 21 - 28 March at La Galleria Pall Mall and in Edinburgh from 1 - 8 April at Stills Gallery. The exhibition is open 11am-5pm to the public. If you visit the gallery, please do share your visit on social media using the hashtags #RealLifeStories and #BeyondTheInvisible.