Endo The Night 2020

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Internal Event Specifics
* Please note you will need to transfer the logo onto white or light colored fabric
Whilst raising money for Endometriosis UK I will:
1. Ensure I act in the best interests of Endometriosis UK
2. Not do anything to bring Endometriosis UK, its volunteers or trustees into disrepute
3. Show the charity any material bearing Endometrosis UK’s name of logo, or mentions the work of the charity prior to distribution
4. Ensure all materials include the text ‘Registered charity no 1035810’ in England and Wales.
5. Not conduct House to House collections
6. Ensure that before collecting in a public place a licence is sought from the Local Authority (further guidance is available in our ‘Keeping it Safe and Legal’ information pack)
7. Not collect on private property without first obtaining permission from the land owner
8. Obtain a Raffle Licence from my Local Authority if holding a raffle over more than one day
9. Acknowledge that Endometriosis UK cannot take responsibility for any losses made through my fundraising activity
10. Return any unused fundraising materials to Endometriosis UK so they may be reused and the charity’s resources maximised
11. Obtain and pay to Endometriosis UK all money raised from my permitted activity solely to Endometriosis UK no later than six weeks after the event date
12. Consult Endometriosis UK if my activities will incur any costs that I believe I should be reimbursed for