Sheffield Support Group

Meg is the group leader for the Endometriosis UK Sheffield Support Group.

Sheffield support group leaderMy story: Using the Endometriosis UK symptom questionnaire I worked out I had endo when I was 37 and I was formally diagnosed on laparoscopy aged 39. I had symptoms for at least 3 years beforehand. I have tried a fair few drug treatments and surgery, including a hysterectomy this year. I was desparate to meet other women with endo and wanted to join a group - the Sheffield one was inactive so I restarted it in 2012, I love running it! - Meg

About the support group: Our meetings are open to any sufferer and a supportive friend or family member is more than welcome. We have a range of speakers and the format of the meeting varies according to the session. The group is a place to find information, supprt and understanding with women in similar situations. We hope to raise awareness in the community and promote fundraising for EUK too!

You are not alone and support is there - I look forward to welcoming you to the group.

If you are interested in joining the Sheffield Support Group or finding out more information, fill out our local group enquiry form.

Please note: if you have not heard back from the support group since sending your enquiry and are interested in an upcoming meeting, do feel free to come along!

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Date Location  Time Topic
Wednesday 23rd May2018 Jessop's Outpatient Dept, Tree Root Walk, Sheffield 7.30pm - 9.00pm Guest speaker: Mr Baxter - Complex endometriosis specialist gynaecologist.
Wednesday 27th June Jessop's Outpatient Dept, Tree Root Walk, Sheffield 7.30pm - 9.00pm General Support group meeting