Endometriosis Awareness Week 2015

The Diagnosis Survey 2015 by Endometriosis UK revealed that almost 50% of women saw their GP more than 5 times before being referred to a specialist and 1 in 5 women waits more than 4 years to get a formal diagnosis of endometriosis by laparoscopy.

Endometriosis UK has five recommendations to improve services for women with endometriosis:

  • More information on treatment options should be available to women with endometriosis from GPs and nurses.
  • GPs need better access to information about endometriosis so they can recognise the symptoms at the first consultation and provide women with better support.
  • Referrals to specialists and British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE) Endometriosis Centres should be offered sooner to women with the condition.
  • All women with a diagnosis of endometriosis should have access to a specialist nurse.
  • At least one Endometriosis Specialist Centre should operate in every county in the United Kingdom.

​What's happening during Endometriosis Awareness Week?

  • 2nd – 9th March 2015, Helpline 

​We understand how important it can be to just have someone to talk to. During Awareness Week, our helpline will be open most days. You can check the opening hours HERE.

  • 2nd March 2015, Online Support Groups

Our Online Support Groups provide an opportunity for women who are unable to attend a group session to come together and talk about endometriosis. We will be holding a meeting on Monday 2nd March at 8:00PM. You can register HERE. 

  • 3rd March 2015, Clinical nurse specialists and endometriosis factsheet launch

​The Royal College of Nursing is pleased to announce the launch of two documents, which will help to increase awareness of this illness, and facilitate the development of the role of the Clinical Nurse Specialists in endometriosis. You can read more HERE.

  • 4th March 2015, NICE guidelines scoping workshop

Endometriosis UK is now a stakeholder member of the NICE working groups on developing guidance for endometriosis and heavy menstrual bleeding. This means that we can have input into the scope and content of NICE guidance on how the NHS should provide care for women with endometriosis. You can read more HERE.

​How you can get involved?

  • Spread the word on social media

Our campaign poster, background photos for Facebook and Twitter and social media avatars (avatar 1, avatar 2, avatar 3, avatar 4) are available for download and sharing to raise awareness of our campaign. Just click on the links and once open, right click and select 'save as'.(These images were designed pro-bono by long term endometriosis campaigner Kaye Sedgwick. Please do not alter the images in anyway once downloaded.)

  • Share your #TooLong selfie 

Take a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper which states how long you waited for your diagnosis.  Add hashtags: #TooLong and #EndometriosisAwarenessWeek and publish it on Twitter or send to us and we will post it on Facebook. You can download a template HERE.

  • Get in touch with media in your area

Do you know any journalists in your area? Maybe your friend or cousin works in radio or newspaper? You can DOWNLOAD our official press release and send it to your contacts. (Please do not make any changes to the press release without checking with Monika at communications@endoemtriosis-uk.org.) 

  • Sign our petition

You can sign our petition calling David Cameron to commit to discussing endometriosis in parliament. We need 100 000 signatures to take it to Parliament! SIGN THE PETITION

  • Take part in Worldwide EndoMarch UK 2015

On Saturday 28 March 2015 between 12 noon and 3pm we will be marching through Central London including Victoria Embankment, Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square. This is the chance for all of us suffering from endometriosis or supporting someone who suffers to come together and make our voices heard, get involved in raising awareness raising and to meet other people in the same situation. REGISTER HERE


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