Endometriosis Awareness Week

We need your help for this year's Endometriosis Awareness Week.

This year's Endometrosis Awareness Week will be taking place between March 3rd - 9th.

Our Endometriosis Awareness Week 2014 slogan is, "It's OK to talk. Period." Many women learn to normalise pain they experience during their period and not to talk about out loud. We're encouraging women and teenagers to break a taboo and talk about their periods. 

What's happening during Endometriosis Awareness Week? 

We're getting people talking: Endometriosis UK is setting up a range of activities to encourage women to talk during Endometriosis Awareness Week 2014 - online, by telephone and face-to-face. We'll be carrying out the following activities during Awareness Week.

 Drop-in support groups: We've arrange for special drop-in support sessions in various locations around the country for Endometriosis Awareness Week. You don't need to book or register, just simply turn up and have a chat with someone who understands what you're going through. Find out more.

 Helpline: We understand how important it can be to just have someone to talk to. During Awareness Week, our helpline will be open every day.

 Online Support Groups: Our Online Support Groups provide an opportunity for women who are unable to attend a group session to come together and talk about endometriosis. We will be holding a meeting on Monday 3rd March and Thursday 6th March.

 Follow our social media activity: Keep up tp date with us on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn pages during Awareness Week for all the latest news. Be sure to join in and tweet about what you're up to using #TalkPeriod as your hashtag on Twitter!

Find out what's taking place around the globe during the month of March to raise awareness of endometriosis.

How can I help?

Here are some simple steps you can take during Endometriosis Awareness Week to help raise awareness of the condition and the millions of women who suffer from this often debilitating illness.

 Download our "It's OK to talk. Period." poster

You can download our "It's OK to talk. Period." and share it on social media. 

You can also download our "It's OK to talk. Period." Facebook Cover Photo and Twitter background to display on your profiles. Just click on the links and once open, right click and select 'save as'. 

 Download our 'Is it normal?' leaflets

Our ‘Is it normal?’ leaflets can help to discuss these issues among young girls, teenagers and in school settings. These leaflets aim to make teenagers aware of what is ‘normal’ and what is not when they begin their menstrual cycle. These leaflets are also available for free download and distribution. 

 Show us how endometriosis makes you feel

We believe that no woman with endometriosis should suffer in silence. Help us shout about the true impact of endometriosis. Take part in our, 'What's your word?' campaign. 

 Donate to Endometriosis UK

Helping us continue to raise awareness and provide support and information to women with endometriosis by donating to Endometriosis UK during Endometriosis Awareness Week. We receive minimal funding and rely largely on donations to be able to provide vital information and support to women with endometriosis.