The enigma of endometriosis and the risk of heart disease

After last week’s headlines on the new research suggesting an increased risk of heart disease faced by women with endometriosis, we are left with another unanswered question about endometriosis but also a hugely compelling reason to do more research into endometriosis – not only into causes and ways of diagnosing it earlier but also into treatment options. Can we be left to undergo treatments for this chronically painful condition that may potentially, in the end, leave us with other serious effects? You can see Endometriosis UK’s response to this research here.

This is a real challenge. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not lying awake at night worrying about the effects of this disease and whether early hysterectomy leaves me prone to cardiovascular disease (because, it seems, it may?) – I’m on a mission to get fitter.

Taking control

Before endometriosis, I was (in my younger days!) of normal weight and exercised regularly. Fast forward more than 10 years and sadly – after a long journey with endometriosis - I am overweight and exercise is undoubtedly much harder. Would I like to address this? Absolutely! But doing this is not without its challenges. It’s tough to accept that life with endometriosis is not the one that we hoped for, but even harder to make lifestyle choices that are for our long term health. But needs must. I’ll be cutting down on the sugary snacks and walking more. I’d love to know what others have done to try and live a healthy life with endo – how do we take control and ensure that our bodies, already challenged by the long term effects of inflammation, are given the best possible conditions in which to flourish? For those of you on Endometriosis UK’s HealthUnlocked, there’s a new poll about this topic here.

Finally, we must make sure research answers the right questions. We have until 31st May 2016 to respond to the survey of unanswered research questions on endometriosis currently being conducted by James Lind Alliance. Please do take the time to complete it here.

Thank you and take care,

Carol Pearson
Endometriosis UK Patient Leader