Awareness Week 2018

Endometriosis Awareness Week is 3 - 11 March 2018. With diagnosis taking an average of 7.5 years in the UK, our main focus again this year it to raise awareness with women who may not yet have a diagnosis.

We will also be running a social media campaign titled 'What I wish I had been told about...' focusing on a number of different themes relating to endometriosis.

How can I get involved?

Spread the word

Please use our campaign poster and flier to help raise awareness. Can you put one up in your workplace or school, or drop one off next time you visit your GP?

Stop treating periods like a dirty secret, teach menstural wellbeing at school

Sign this petition now - let's get menstural wellbeing inncluded in the school curiculum! Let's give children the language and understanding to talk about menstrual issues, and stop 'periods' being a taboo subject. Please sing our peition, and ask your family and friends to do so too. 

Hold an Endo the night event

- and spread the message as well as raising funds to help us do even more. See our events page for more information. 

Take part in the Worldwide EndoMarch, Saturday 24th March

Saturday 24th March will see women all over the world marching to raise awareness about endometriosis. There will be events in London, Belfast, Cardiff and Glasgow - more details can be found at the Worldwide EndoMarch website